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Aeromexico, Air France, Delta Air Lines and Korean Air founded SkyTeam in June 2000. Since then, we have steadily grown to our current membership of 20.

Over the last decade – a challenging one for the aviation industry – we have more than tripled our number of member airlines, doubled the number of flights and nearly doubled our destinations, offering our customers easier connections around the world.

Looking back at SkyTeam’s steady growth of members, our focus on covering the globe is clear. We have added airlines from virtually every corner of the planet, in addition to flying from some of the most modern and convenient hubs in Europe, the United States, Asia and Africa. 

As we have grown, we have continued to offer our customers frequent flyer programs, more destinations, more frequencies and better connectivity.

In the future, as we continue this growth, we will maintain our focus on improving our products and services, while staying true to our motto: Caring more about you.

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