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SkyTeam Travel Passes

SkyTeam Passes Simplify Global Travels

Ever dream of traveling around the world or exploring a continent in depth? Whether it’s for business or personal adventure, you now have a smarter, more economical way to go places. With SkyTeam Travel Passes, you can take advantage of our global network of 20 member airlines and enjoy more flexibility and savings during your travels.

With our SkyTeam flight passes, you can get the freedom to fly around the world or explore an entire region at your leisure – whether it’s for business or pleasure. Our SkyTeam travel passes include:

SkyTeam Go Round the World Pass — there’s no better way to travel around the world. Enjoy a day in Prague and show up for dinner in Paris: with the Round the World air travel pass from SkyTeam, the world is your oyster.

SkyTeam Go Round Asia and South West Pacific Pass - Imagine travelling all around Asia and the South West Pacific with just one ticket. From the vibrant nightlife of Bangkok to the beautiful beaches of Bali, explore Asia and the South West Pacific with SkyTeam’s Go Round Asia and South West Pacific pass.

SkyTeam Go Africa Pass — Discover the diversity that Africa has to offer, while enjoying complete flexibility with the SkyTeam Go Africa air travel pass. The Go Africa pass offers you a chance to fly throughout Africa.

SkyTeam Go USA and Canada Pass — From the Rocky Mountains to New York, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal, explore North America with the SkyTeam Go USA and Canada travel pass. Explore the diversity of North America with a flexible flight pass, and earn frequent flyer miles on qualifying flights.

SkyTeam Go Asia Pass — Enjoy more simplicity for your trip in Asia – from Tokyo to Beijing, Thailand and beyond.

SkyTeam Go Europe Pass — Travel through Europe on a single ticket with the Go Europe travel pass from SkyTeam. Explore the delights of Europe with our flexible travel options, and earn frequent flyer miles on selected flights.

SkyTeam Go Greater China Pass — With the most connections in China out of all the airline alliances, SkyTeam’s Go Greater China pass lets you travel all around China with just one ticket. From Guangzhou to Taipei, the Go Greater China flight pass gives you a choice of almost 150 destinations in Greater China, including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

SkyTeam Go Russia Pass— Discover the culture, historic riches and landscapes of Russia with the SkyTeam Go Russia pass. From ancient Moscow to magnificent St. Petersburg, explore breath-taking scenery and the natural beauty of Russia with SkyTeam.

SkyTeam Go Mexico Pass — Experience the scenic charm, flavours and culture of Mexico with the SkyTeam Go Mexico pass. Purchase SkyTeam’s airline travel pass to explore the allure of Oaxaca or Chichen-Itza, with a minimum of one flight and a maximum of 16, discover, explore and experience Mexico at its fullest potential.

Contact your travel agent or one of our member airlines to purchase your SkyTeam travel passes today.