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Travel Passes

SkyTeam Passes Simplify Global Travels

Ever dream of traveling around the world or exploring a continent in depth? Whether it’s for business or personal adventure, you now have a smarter, more economical way to go places. With SkyTeam Travel Passes, you can take advantage of our global network of 20 member airlines and enjoy more flexibility and savings during your travels.


Fly around the world or explore a region:

Go Round the World — there’s no better way to travel around the world.

Go Round Asia and South West Pacific - Imagine travelling all around Asia and the South West Pacific with just one ticket.

Go Africa — discover the diversity of Africa.

Go USA and Canada — your best option to explore North Americas.

Go Asia — enjoy more simplicity for your trip in Asia.

Go Europe — travel through Europe on a single ticket.

Go Greater China — travel all around China with just one ticket.

Go Russia — taste unexplored Russia.

Go Mexico — experience the scenic charm of Mexico.


Contact your travel agent or one of our member airlines to purchase your SkyTeam passes.