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Round the World Tickets

SkyTeam Round the World Ticket

Dream of flying around the world? Enjoy a day in Prague and then show up for dinner in Paris. Why not visit a tailor in Hong Kong for next week’s business luncheon in Mexico City? Now there’s a better way to actually make it happen. With SkyTeam’s Go Round the World, you’ll only need one ticket to fly around the globe. Use the Round the World Planner to plan and book your trip.

To start the Round the World Planner, click on the button below.

Round the World Planner

After building your itinerary you can easily book your dream-trip on-line through a few clicks.

More about SkyTeam Go Round the World flights

1,052 destinations in 177 countries

Plan your personal Round the World travel itinerary with one of the world’s largest alliance networks. SkyTeam serves 1,052 destinations with over 16,323 daily flights. SkyTeam’s flight schedule lets you travel around the world through the world’s largest hubs to ensure time-saving connections. You can enjoy the comfort of over 629 lounges worldwide,** together with friendly service across the globe.

Go at your pace, from 10 Days to 1 Year

With SkyTeam, you travel around the world at your own pace. Depending on the time you have, you can return in 10 days, 6 months, or even a year. When your Round the World trip begins and ends is your decision.

More stops to explore

With SkyTeam Go Round the World travel, you have the choice of 3 to 15 stops.* Your itinerary must include one transatlantic flight and one transpacific flight. It has to start and end in the same country, but not necessarily in the same city.

Flexible reservations as you go

Want to stay in Prague an extra day, or make it to Sydney in time to catch that opera? No problem, schedule changes are easy to make! Contact your nearest SkyTeam member airline worldwide for additional assistance.

Fewer restrictions on travel direction

You can go East-to-West or West-to-East. With SkyTeam Go Round the World you don’t always have to travel in the same direction. You can always backtrack within the same continent.

Go Round the World and Frequent Flyer Miles

If you’re a member of a frequent flyer program with any SkyTeam member airline, you earn miles on qualifying flights.

For more specific information, please contact your travel agent or your frequent flyer program’s service center.

Just the right fare for you

There are hundreds of possibilities in planning your around the world trip. SkyTeam offers four packages based on the number of miles you travel, with fares depending on the cabin class and the origin of your journey. Also, with SkyTeam Go Round the World flights, you don’t have to worry about seasonal fares.

Choose from the following packages based on the miles you plan to travel:

To learn more about the right miles and fares for you, contact your travel agent or one of our member airlines worldwide.

Note: SkyTeam itineraries are measured in miles (1 mile = 1,609 meters). The number of air miles between two airports is calculated by the distance on the ground (the standard airline industry mileage calculation method).

*The 26, 000 mile package allows for 3 to 5 stops and is not sold in every country.

**Complimentary access for all First Class, Business Class and SkyTeam Elite Plus passengers.

For more details, contact your travel agent or any of our member airlines' reservations offices.