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Global Contracts – Plan your Global Meeting with SkyTeam

Global Contracts and Global Business Travel with SkyTeam

Global business means getting your people where they need to be. SkyTeam Global Corporate Agreements go beyond a standard loyalty program in meeting your company’s business travel requirements, providing cost savings and a vast network that is focused on your travel needs. With SkyTeam, you can organise global meetings for your business with ease.

Here’s how a customized and comprehensive corporate agreement can offer many benefits to your company:

Point of Contact

A designated SkyTeam representative, simplifying communications and negotiations.

Customized Agreement

A custom-made agreement that would include all the SkyTeam carriers that meet your needs.

SkyTeam Discount Program

Discounts on flights based on your company’s travel requirements.

Network Scope and Coverage

You’ll have access to over 1,064 destinations in SkyTeam’s expansive worldwide network. Our network is continually expanding to meet your needs.

Joint Review Meetings

Get performance metrics and updates during quarterly and annual meetings with your SkyTeam contract team.

Find out if a SkyTeam Global Contract is right for your company.

For more information, please contact your SkyTeam member airline representative about SkyTeam alliance corporate agreements.