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SkyTeam Global Meeting Travel: Simple as 1, 2, 3 …

Organizing an international event involves taking care of many things, and we know that air travel can take up a lot of your time and effort. When you leave it in our hands, you’ll have more time for all of the other details that will make your event stand out with SkyTeam’s global meeting planner.

Let SkyTeam support your business with SkyTeam Global Meetings. Set it up in less than three minutes, and get discounts of up to 15% with no service fee on flights for global meetings, events and conferences. For every 50 tickets, you’ll get a free one! With no financial commitment reach more than 1,000 destinations worldwide with 19 different carriers. SkyTeam covers more destinations in China than any other alliance, and calculates to the lowest possible fare to best support your business. Find out how you can further support your business with SkyTeam today.

 Register your global event with SkyTeam Global Meetings now

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What’s in it for organizers...

  • 1 contract, 20 carriers

    Gain access to an extensive worldwide network of more than 1,064 destinations through one source.

  • Online access

    Simplify planning global meetings and flights for conferences by taking it online. Gain access to a wide range of online services that simplify your life, such as online booking and our attendee tracking service.

  • Promotional support

    You will receive a communications kit to help you keep your attendees aware of benefits.

  • Incentive program

    Organizers earn 1 reward ticket for every 50 attendees who travel to the event with SkyTeam Global Meetings.

What’s in it for attendees...

  • Industry-leading discounts

    Enjoy discounts of up to 15% on available fares with SkyTeam airlines, as well as promotional fares when they are lower.

  • Booking either via or with an approved travel agency

    The program allows attendees to book their own travel in just a few clicks online. If you prefer they can also let your travel agent take care of this for them. *

  • 1,064 destinations

    Access to virtually any place in the world through our vast network with more than 15,723 daily flights.

  • The benefits of flying 20 world-class airlines

    Enjoy traveling exclusively with full-service airlines that provide you frequent flyer miles, access to VIP lounges **, and many more value-added services.

* IATA Travel Agency must be included in event registration and approval by SkyTeam.

** For SkyTeam Elite Plus, First and Business Class customers.

SkyTeam Global Meetings Conditions

  • A minimum of 50 attendees likely to travel by air.
  • Attendees must be originating from at least 2 different countries.*
  • Event may be registered from 2 months to 5 years in advance.
  • Agree to promote SkyTeam as the event’s Official Alliance Network.
  • No financial commitment.

* Other than the country where the event is being held.