Convenient Connections

Enjoy seamless transfers and a hassle-free travel experience between your flights. Planning itineraries with connecting flights is simple thanks to our extensive network. The combined flight schedules give you more choice, with smooth transfers through some of the world's most convenient hubs.

SkyTeam Hubs

Our SkyTeam hubs offer seamless and efficient transfers for you and your baggage.

Transfer Desks and Kiosks

To make transfers even more efficient and convenient, SkyTeam members are introducing an ever increasing number of transfer service centers at our hubs. This is where you will find the information you need, and receive help with printing your boarding pass and selecting a seat. If you should miss your connecting flight, the agent will rebook you on the next available flight. For those who prefer to do things themselves, members are also expanding the number of self-service kiosks at our main hubs.

Shared SkyTeam Locations

Travel with maximum convenience. At an increasing number of major airports around the world, our members offer joint facilities at a single location. You will enjoy combined services such as lounges, check-in desks, self-service kiosks and/or baggage drop-off locations.

Airports with shared SkyTeam facilities include London Heathrow, Barcelona Airport, Beijing Capital International Airport, Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Tokyo Narita International Airport.