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Download Timetables


About PC Timetable

The PC Timetable is a complete system timetable displaying all nonstop and direct flights as well as a connection builder. Additionally, selected routes can be added to an Itinerary for saving, printing or e-mailing. The PC Timetable is updated on a monthly basis and includes a 365-day schedule period.

The PC Timetable is compatible with all Windows operating systems supported by Microsoft. The PC Timetable, which can vary in size depending on the time of year, is approximately a 3.5-megabyte download.

Download/Installation instructions for PC Timetable

•Click on the "Download" link on the top of this page and wait for the download dialogue box to load.

•Select 'Run from Current Location' option.

•Wait for the PC Timetable application file to download

•Follow the screen prompted software installation instructions.

The PC Timetable is now installed on your PC and a program icon is on your desktop. Please double click the program icon on your PC to launch the PC Timetable.

Update/Installation instructions for Pocket PC Timetable

•If you are using the Auto Update conduit, the TravelDesk application will be updated automatically (depending on your conduit settings). If you are using the conduit and are not receiving updates there maybe Firewall issues and a manual update process is required. Follow the steps below.

•The PC Timetable is updated on a monthly basis.

•Select the Update link on the main page of the PC Timetable and download and reinstall the PC Timetable with the latest application and schedule data.

PC Timetable Troubleshooting

How often is the PC Timetable updated?

The PC Timetable is updated by the first of each month.

What Windows operating systems is the PC Timetable compatible with?

The PC Timetable is compatible with all Windows operating systems supported by Microsoft.

When I update the PC Timetable the application 'hangs,' shuts down or displays an error message.

This is typically a memory conflict on your PC. Please close large open applications and/or reboot your PC to free up RAM.

If we can be of further assistance, please send an e-mail to: