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London Heathrow Airport Tips

London Heathrow Airport Tips

Discover why Pam Ann is so ecstatic about London Heathrow Airport by clicking on the video above. Do you have even better airport tips? Share them in the SkyTips community on Facebook and you might be the next winner of the month.

  • If your bag doesn't arrive by Ciro Casanova

    If your bag doesn't arrive by Ciro Casanova

    Pack half your clothes in your suitcase, and the other half in your partner's. Do the same with clothes from your partner, why? If a suitcase does not arrive? Avoid having to walk the same clothes several days while waiting for your suitcase.
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  • Lounge by Queenie Antalika

    Lounge by Queenie Antalika

    Before flying check with the airline in which lounge you can get access in. you will save time looking for it and ofcourse you will spend more time in the lounge!
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Essential Airport Tips

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    Fast-Track Lane Tip

    Pass passport control quickly, thanks to the fast-track lane: It’s simple, it’s fast...
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    SkyTeam Lounge

    SkyTeam’s member airline lounges are always a treat, but here, discover THE world’s first SkyTeam exclusive lounge...
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    Premium Check-in

    Be one of the first to get your boarding card thanks to the Premium Check-in area...
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