Health safety information

At SkyTeam, our priority is, and always has been, to care for our customers as they travel around the world on our member airlines.

SkyTeam and its members continue to work together to ensure high health safety standards for every one of our customers.


Members’ information on health safety measures

As circumstances change rapidly, we strongly advise you to check with your airline for the most up-to-date and accurate health safety measures. Click on the relevant member airline logo for more information.

Your safety, our priority


SkyTeam and its members continue to work together to keep customers safer through our alliance-wide pledge to enhanced and consistent cleanliness, hygiene and health safety measures with SkyCare&Protect.

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Travel Requirements Map

Check what travel documents you may need, what health regulations apply for your itinerary and find COVID-19 testing locations in your area.

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A SKYCLEARED indicator on your boarding pass provides the reassurance that you meet COVID-19 requirements for every leg of your journey, even when transferring between members. 

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