At SkyTeam, your safety is our number one priority. That’s why we have launched an alliance-wide pledge to enhance safety measures at every step of the journey. With SkyCare&Protect, you can have peace of mind when you travel on or between SkyTeam members.

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To allow passengers to make educated decisions about their travel plans, members provide the latest travel information on their websites. This may include details on travel safety measures, network changes, revamped onboard and ground services, and refund and cancellation policies. If passengers are connecting from one member to another, they can find information for all airlines in their itinerary.



To help limit the need for passengers to have contact with airport staff and touch surfaces, passengers can now print their boarding passes at home. Where available, electronic boarding passes are provided for passengers who prefer to keep travel documents on their mobile devices. Certain members and airports offer additional contactless services, including self-baggage drop and boarding.

Members may complete health checks depending on the departure airport or destination. This may include temperature checks using thermal imaging cameras or hand-held thermometers. Passengers may also be asked questions regarding their health during the check-in procedure, or in some cases require a health certificate in order to travel.

Members support six measures that offer greater protection for passengers and airline staff. At members’ hub airports, hand sanitizer is available at key touchpoints while safer distancing is practiced through measures such as floor markings and controlled queuing. Clear protective screens and the use of face coverings by airport staff also help enhance the overall safety within airports. Onboard, members currently require all cabin crew and passengers to wear face-coverings. Sickness action plans are in place to care for passengers in the rare event that someone becomes sick in flight.

To further contribute to passenger comfort, members have put in place six measures to help ensure a high level of cleanliness is met throughout the journey. These include increased cleaning of high-touch areas both at the airport and onboard, while aircraft are being intensively disinfected more frequently. Cleaning wipes are provided to customers who wish to further clean their personal space, while onboard services have been temporarily adapted with customers’ safety in mind. Members’ aircraft are ventilated with fresh, outside air and when air is recirculated, quality is assured by the use of High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.

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