Anniversary Reflections

Anniversary Reflections


Traditionally a gift for a 15th Anniversary is crystal, although over time this has evolved into the gift of a watch. With SkyTeam customers spanning the globe an in different time zones that seems like an appropriate gift however a watch could have a different meaning for our 15th anniversary, as in “watch where we are headed.”

Anniversaries are a wonderful time to reflect, reminisce and take stock of where it all began. The past, our history, is extremely important because it affords SkyTeam a solid foundation for growth and to focus on the future.

Looking back is easy; moving forward takes motivation and determination.

As SkyTeam moves forward, we are determined to focus on the wants and needs of our customers. Looking forward, we will keep delivering improvements that contribute to a seamless airport experience with facilities and amenities that ease your travels; plus enhanced loyalty benefits - demonstrating that you are what drives us to be the best.

The airline industry is an ever evolving environment for not just the passengers we serve, but for our member airlines too.  By drawing on our past experience, harnessing the previous 15 years of dedication and determination SkyTeam is committed to the future.

SkyTeam could not be where we are today without you, and as such we invite you to share your fondest travel memories with us, on our social media platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook page or on Instagram, just be sure to tag them with #SkyTeam15.

This is an exciting moment in time for SkyTeam and we look forward to sharing our anniversaries with you in the future.

SkyTeam Corporate Communications Team