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What’s the story with SkyTeam Stories?

We’ve teamed up with five of our top frequent travelers to bring you SkyTeam Stories. This series of 10 short films captures the lives and travels of these high-flying individuals who represent the diversity of our alliance and its customers.

June, 2017

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Our Beijing Lounge is now open to passengers

SkyTeam’s Beijing lounge has opened its doors to passengers flying from Terminal 2 at Beijing International Capital Airport. It’s our second in Greater China and sixth worldwide and, like all our lounges, makes your time between flights worth waiting for.

May, 2017

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It’s a Wrap! SkyTeam recaps 2016

The end of December means it’s time to reflect on what you’ve achieved over the past 12 months and make plans for what you want to accomplish the following year.

December, 2016

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Bringing the World Together

SkyTeam is always working hard to ensure a seamless journey, so we’ve come up with some simple tips for checked luggage to help make your next trip smoother. 

September, 2016

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Simple tips for your checked luggage

SkyTeam is always working hard to ensure a seamless journey, so we’ve come up with some simple tips for checked luggage to help make your next trip smoother.

August, 2016

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Discover SkyTeam Round-The-World favorite stops off

Dreaming of Round-The-World trip?
Start planning it now

July, 2016

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16 Years of Caring More About You

Today is a significant day for SkyTeam - it is 16 years since our alliance was founded by Aero México, Air France, Delta Air Lines and Korean Air. Since June 22, 2000, SkyTeam has evolved and our future looks bright. Here are just a few reasons why.

June, 2016

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Airline Alliances Bring Pampering, Perks to Valued Customers

Back in 1939, the U.S. commercial aviation industry had few strong advocates or frequent passengers. One way to make them feel special was to create their own VIP airport lounge that served food and drink.

May, 2016

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Nine tips for hassle-free Round the World travel

You have taken the plunge and decided to take time off from your day-to-day to explore the world. A Round the World trip might be your adventure of a lifetime, or perhaps an efficient way to visit lots cities on a long business trip; here are some handy tips to make the most of yours.

March, 2016

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Smart concepts for the meetings industry!

Our dedicated business purpose is to communicate practical and relevant services and ideas to planners of events in associations, corporations and agencies. We are always happy if our clients have good and easy-to-accomplish ideas and we can offer true help and support to planners based on such ideas!

February, 2016

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Six Steps to an Enhanced Seamless Travel

This month alone, around 600,000 bags will be transferred from one member’s flight to another at SkyTeam’s busiest hubs. With a SkyTeam flight taking off every five seconds around the world, seamless travel is central to our values. While the alliance is working hard to make traveling smoother, there are some simple tips that customers can follow to make their travels even more seamless by minimizing the risk of delayed bags on their journeys.

December, 2015

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Business Traveler’s view

There are numerous factors that influence the planning of my business travels. Whether I am putting together a flight itinerary for myself or a group, plans must take timing and convenience into account, revolving around my schedule, rather than my schedule revolving around flights. Cost is always a factor: what works within my budget while offering best value? Plus, I need comfort and convenience so I can work or relax on my journey.

October, 2015

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Loyalty – Your Priority is ours

Loyalty is a two way street, and SkyTeam’s member airlines strive every day to earn the loyalty you show us. SkyTeam alliance has had a focus on its customers since its very creation fifteen years ago and the evolution of this loyalty is at the forefront of what you can expect when you fly with our member airlines.

August, 2015

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Anniversary Reflections

Traditionally a gift for a 15th Anniversary is crystal, although over time this has evolved into the gift of a watch. With SkyTeam customers spanning the globe an in different time zones that seems like an appropriate gift however a watch could have a different meaning for our 15th anniversary, as in “watch where we are headed.”

July, 2015

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SkyTeam CEO on the history of the alliance

Airline alliances were born from the desire of multiple airlines with similar outlooks to unite their networks across the globe and offer their customers more choices and benefits. History leads to milestones, and as SkyTeam celebrates its 15th anniversary, we would like to share with you a little bit about our history.

June, 2015

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