Nine tips for hassle-free Round the World travel

Nine tips for hassle-free Round the World travel

 nine tips for hassle

Nine tips for hassle-free Round the World travel

You have taken the plunge and decided to take time off from your day-to-day to explore the world. A Round the World trip might be your adventure of a lifetime, or perhaps an efficient way to visit lots cities on a long business trip; here are some handy tips to make the most of yours.

1 – Plan for success

If you have got a bucket list, or even if you don’t, an online planning tool keeps things as simple as possible. Choose where you want to go – from 3 to 15 stops - and it will work out the routing, which airlines to fly and the price, all in a few clicks. Check out SkyTeam’s Round the World planner here

2 –Try ‘off the beaten track’ destinations  

With up to 12 months to travel, now’s the time to visit those places you’ve always wanted to see. With a network of 1,057 destinations, why not take the road less travelled? Hanoi and Seoul are exciting alternatives to Bangkok and Singapore. Meanwhile, SkyTeam’s network in Greater China covers more than 150 destinations.

3 – Think climate savvy Climate

While there’s no guarantee of 365 days of sunshine, it’s worth finding out about
weather patterns before you book your trip. Remember, the seasons in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are reversed, and it’s not much fun sitting on a beach in monsoon season. 

be prepared4 – Avoid headaches - be prepared

Do you need any vaccinations or visas before you travel? Is there a limit to how long you can stay in any one place? Before you go, SkyTeam can help you answer these and other travel-related questions by clicking here.  Just be sure to check you have a valid passport and remember any prescription medication you might need.

5 – Travel light

Try to resist the temptation to pack too much. Unless you’re traveling to the world’s remotest locations, you will find the supplies you need and even laundry services along the way. Choosing a soft-sided, wheeled backpack means you can let the wheels do the work while you enjoy the sights. Check your baggage allowance before you fly - it’s printed on your E-Ticket – and make sure your bag is easy to identify.

6 –Take home comforts

When it comes to flying and, because a Round the World trip means a lot of time in the air, you’ll want to have your must-have items with you. Why not put on your noise-cancelling headphones and listen to the in-flight entertainment while you enjoy that that novel you always wanted to read but never had the time? You’ll also need a travel adaptor, a charger for any small electrical items, a camera and of course, your passport!

7 – Stay in the know on the goSkyteam app

Nothing beats a tatty, well-read guidebook but downloadable travel guides are lighter to carry, often free, and give you useful information on your phone or tablet. Meanwhile, the SkyTeam App has thousands of handy travel tips shared by other globetrotters and is accessible offline, so you can find out how to fly faster through arrivals or the easiest way to get downtown.

go round the world8 - It’s OK to change your mind

Plans change and so can your ticket. When you travel on a SkyTeam Go Round the World pass, you have the flexibility to make schedule changes along the way. And, if you decide to explore a region in more detail, you can add on a Go Pass too.


9 – And above all enjoy!

As the saying goes, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Meet new friends, learn a language, make memories, take photos and above all enjoy yourself! It’s the trip of a lifetime.