Our Beijing Lounge is now open to passengers

SkyTeam Beijing Lounge

Our Beijing Lounge is now open to passengers

SkyTeam’s Beijing lounge has opened its doors to passengers flying from Terminal 2 at Beijing International Capital Airport. It’s our second in Greater China and sixth worldwide and, like all our lounges, makes your time between flights worth waiting for.

On day one of opening the lounge, a passenger asked us why we chose Beijing.  How we choose the location of our shared lounges is influenced by several factors. We identify airports where we don’t have a home carrier, but which are served by a large number of members – 12 SkyTeam airlines operate flights to Beijing, carrying over 14 million passengers each year. There also has to be a strong business travel demand. While in Beijing we have a leading position thanks to China Eastern and China Southern airlines, it is not a home base for either of these two carriers.

So what’s waiting for you at the new lounge?

Our shared lounges have proven to be popular with customers.  The Beijing lounge is in SkyTeam’s style, with our signature sleek, modern curves, natural accents of wood and iconic ‘living wall’ that features different types of plants and provides the wow factor in every SkyTeam lounge. With huge, curved windows that offer panoramic airport views we’ve made good use of the natural light by using shades of white, green and natural wood that keep the space feeling light and airy. So often business travelers spend a great deal of time in meetings, in cabs, on a plane – this lounge has been designed to offer a natural touch.

We’ll whet your appetite with a wide range of hot and cold Chinese and international dishes offered throughout the day. Customers can help themselves to hot drinks, water and sodas, plus premium-label beers and spirits or enjoy a social drink at the wine bar.

In addition we have separate areas for more privacy and quiet moments in the lounge including a dedicated TV room, a relaxation area and even a VIP room. Showers with towels and amenities are available for to you to freshen up before your next flight.

It has been a while coming, but we think our latest lounge is worth the wait. However, we want to hear from you too. Contact us via Facebook or Twitter to tell us what you think of our Beijing lounge and how we can make SkyTeam lounges the world over worth the wait before your next flight.

So, be our guest. Check in then check out what we have to offer.

SkyTeam Communications Team