Smart concepts for the meetings industry!

Smart concepts for the meetings industry!


By: Ulrike Kiesel, tmf-dialogue


Our dedicated business purpose is to communicate practical and relevant services and ideas to planners of events in associations, corporations and agencies. We are always happy if our clients have good and easy-to-accomplish ideas and we can offer true help and support to planners based on such ideas!

A recent study of the Union of International Associations (UIA), November 2015, shows for example that more than 85 percent of 430 interviewed associations are not aware of airline programs and have not used them to date. I wonder how the figure looks among planners of global corporate events?

As the Global Meeting Travel service of SkyTeam airline alliance is a new service in our portfolio, we want to help bridge this gap and demonstrate how a well-laid-out and helpful airline program can make planners’ lives easier, make them look good with no big effort and on top help saving costs!

With the Global Meeting Service any organizer of larger events (minimum size 50 participants coming from at least 2 different countries from where the event takes place) has an easy solution to bringing in delegates from all over the world on a discounted fare, to places connected through the 20 airlines in the alliance.

Several destinations among the tmf clientele can directly relate to the Global Meeting offer and could use for example Alitalia (as a SkyTeam partner airline) to bring conference delegates to any Italian airport for a congress or large event in Sicily, Milano, Florence or event in Opatija, Croatia, which is just 1,5 hours away from Trieste in Italy.The system fits for all congresses and for any kind of sport- culture- or corporate events!

You are involved in planning a congress in the Netherlands? Not only is this SkyTeam’s homebase, but KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is also part of the alliance and therefore your delegates enjoy a simple and logic solution to travel to Amsterdam from all places where KLM is well connected to – and these are a lot! By registering your conference or congress, you provide your delegates an added value that does not cost you one cent!

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