FAQs Frequent Flyer Miles and Programs

Got a question about frequent flyer miles and programs? Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) to help you find the answer. If you need more information, please get in touch.  

To earn and redeem miles across SkyTeam’s global network, you need to be a member of a SkyTeam airline’s frequent flyer program. Then, simply provide your frequent flyer number when booking or checking in for your flight. Eligible miles will be credited to your account automatically.

Keep in mind, you can only use one Frequent Flyer account when you travel, so it’s best to only sign up to one program.  

SkyTeam does not have access our member airlines’ Frequent Flyer databases. For information about your membership (including account details, mileage total, membership status, etc.) we kindly ask you to contact the airline of your Frequent Flyer Program directly.

Don't yet have a membership with one of our airlines? It’s free to sign up to one of our members’ Frequent-flyer programs and you’ll earn miles for qualifying flights operated by any SkyTeam member airline that you can use for reward travel or other perks. You only need to join one program to benefit when you fly across the SkyTeam alliance.  

SkyTeam doesn’t manage the distribution of the loyalty-program cards. To inquire about your card or request a new one, please contact the airline of your frequent flyer program directly.

If you forget to provide your frequent flyer number while booking, don’t panic. Log into your Frequent Flyer account and look for “Claim missing miles” or “Apply for retro crediting”. You’ll need your e-ticket number.

When you are enrolled in a Frequent Flyer program of a SkyTeam member airline, you can earn miles when you fly across all SkyTeam airlines. Miles are accrued automatically, as long as your Frequent Flyer number is in your booking. There is no SkyTeam-branded Frequent Flyer program.  

It is not possible to combine miles from different SkyTeam members’ programs into one account. We recommend choosing the program of the airline that works best for you in terms of your travel patterns. You only need to become a member of one program in order to earn and redeem miles across the SkyTeam alliance. 

There is not an alliance card for frequent flyers. Upon joining a SkyTeam member airline’s frequent flyer program, you will be issued a member number and card by that frequent flyer program. It is recommended that you join the program of the airline you travel most and best suites your travel needs.

Passengers accrue base miles on SkyTeam-operated flights and can redeem mileage for awards on SkyTeam-operated flights. However, there are some exceptions based on the route and class of ticket purchased. This information can be found on your primary frequent flyer program’s website and in the programs terms and conditions.

To book an award ticket, please contact the service center from your primary frequent flyer program. In some cases, award booking is available on your program's web site.

For more information about your frequent flyer miles, please contact a representative at your primary frequent flyer program.

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