SKYCLEARED is a common boarding pass indicator that signifies your health credentials meet COVID-19 travel requirements for your entire journey, including transfers.

SKYCLEARED offers peace of mind that your documentation has been verified against COVID-19 requirements for your entire journey.

SKYCLEARED saves you time at the airport as your documentation only needs to be checked at the first point of contact.

Online check-in: Check for the option to upload health credential documentation for verification. You can then print or download your boarding pass with a SKYCLEARED indicator.

Airport check-in: The check-in agent will verify your health credential documentation and issue a boarding pass with a SKYCLEARED indicator.

You will be subject to additional document checks prior to boarding.

Yes. If your airline offers the option to upload your health credential documentation. Once verified, you will be able to download or print your boarding pass with a SKYCLEARED indicator. 

Yes. You can check-in online as usual, but your COVID-19 documentation will need to be verified at the airport either when you drop your bags or at boarding.

Go to bag drop or straight to security if you only have carry-on baggage. 

For eligible multi-carrier itineraries, the first airline will validate your documents giving you SKYCLEARED status for your entire journey.

If your boarding passes for your entire itinerary have a SKYCLEARED indicator, that’s all is all you need to show.

Your SKYCLEARED boarding pass is proof of eligibility to travel according to COVID-19 requirements. It is mandatory to show a valid passport/visa to our agents to travel.

SKYCLEARED indicates your eligibility to travel at check-in, transfers and boarding. You may be required to show heath credential documentation on arrival at your destination or if required by airport or immigration authorities.


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