Evgenia Starkova


Head of Marketing & Sustainability
Evgenia Starkova stands as a seasoned and committed authority in both marketing and sustainability domains. With over two decades of strategic expertise, she has solidified her reputation by consistently architecting and executing forward-thinking strategies.

Starkova's senior leadership style emphasizes cohesive teamwork and a unified mission.


Her last appointment was with CCV Group, where Starkova led the Marketing, Communication & Sustainability domain. She played an essential role in rejuvenating CCV's global marketing efforts, amplifying ROI, driving brand revamps, and harmonizing marketing operations. Additionally, she led a comprehensive sustainability strategy, served on the Executive Board, advised top-tier executives on media and communication intricacies. Among her standout accomplishments at CCV were the seamless integration of disparate marketing departments into one cohesive unit, the successful rebranding of CCV, and her leadership in propelling sustainability to the forefront of the company's agenda.

Beyond CCV, Starkova held leadership roles and the European Association of Urology and ProQR. Additionally, she ran her own brand agency, and shared her expertise as a lecturer at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and Xiamen University.