Dao Nguyen


Head of Revenue Development
Dao Nguyen is responsible for SkyTeam’s Revenue Development, including joint procurement, and oversees all means of increasing incremental revenue for member airlines through products, processes and consulting services, etc. Leading a B2B entity within SkyTeam, Dao looks for more ways of generating revenue by closing gaps between members and supporting them to adopt new partnerships and ways to cooperate.  

Dao’s aviation career started at Air France in 1996, where he held several leadership positions across core industry sectors and gained expertise in Pricing & Revenue Management, Network, Commercial and Alliances. As VP of Alliances & Strategic Partnerships, his last position at Air France, he was involved in the Air France – KLM merger and in the negotiation and implementation of Joint Venture agreements.

Dao holds an engineering degree in Industrial Process Optimization and a master’s degree in Business Administration.