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XiamenAir is the first airline in mainland China operated in the course of modern enterprise. Headquartered in Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (XMN), XiamenAir has established 4 branch offices in Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Nanchang and Tianjin, 2 operating bases in Quanzhou and Hunan, and 41 domestic and overseas offices. XiamenAir (IATA designator: MF) prides itself on its fleet of the world's most advanced aircraft. As of the end of August 2012, XiamenAir operated a total of 83 aircraft, including 77 B737 and 6 B757, with an average airplane service age of only 4.79 years. With a flight network covering China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, XiamenAir is committed to providing excellent, convenient and safe service for our customers.

Facts & Figures






Daily Departures

18.5 million

Annual Passengers



RMB 16.1 billion

Operating Revenue



Egret Club

Frequent Flyer Program



XiamenAir’ Egret Club is a miles accrual and redemption program, cooperating with various well-known brands to offer diverse miles accrual to its members. Egret Club members earn miles easily by flying with XiamenAir or by using  co-branded credit cards to qualify for special offers and rewards, including redemption for free tickets,  upgrades,  gifts and high-end activities. 

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Xiamen Air

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