SkyTeam - Atlanta Hartsfield Airport (ATL) Health Care Service

Health Care Service Tip

A healthy, serene flight

In a hurry to catch your next flight? Remember your health comes first! So whether it’s for a check-up or an upset, they’ll look after you! Simply stop off briefly at the Health Care Services.


Accessible and affordable medical assistance, right in the airport. No appointment is needed, as this service operates on a first-come, first-served basis (their services usually take about 15 minutes per patient).

A team of board-certified practitioners is available to handle:

- Respiratory Conditions

- Head, Ear and Eye

- Muscular Pains

- Skin Conditions

- Digestive and Urinary Disorders

The Health Care Services are located at The Main Terminal, Atrium Level 3


Flu shots are available for US$35 on the A, B and C Concourses at the AeroClinic kiosks.

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