SkyTeam - Seoul Incheon Airport (ICN) Cultural Museum of Korea

Cultural museum of Korea

Some Korean culture before boarding

Follow this airport tip and visit the Cultural Museum of Korea without even stepping outside the airport. It’s perfect if you’re only transferring here but want to experience the Korean culture. If you have extra time, stop and watch a traditional Korean performance.


A fine selection of Korean culture.

Step into the museum, located in the center of Concourse 4F, where you can admire a splendid collection of relics, covering a 5000-year timeline, including:

- Costumes from the Chosun Dynasty

- Traditional arts

- Prints

Tip: why not participate in a Korean artifacts session? Learn how to make a traditional pencil case, fan or “lucky bag” and take your creation back home with you, perhaps as a gift for a relative.

You can also enjoy a traditional performance in one of the two Korean Experience zones located at Antler 3F, or near Gate 31 (in the duty-free arcade on the 3rd floor) in the passenger terminal. Shows include:

- Masked dances

- Twelve-string Korean recitals


Admission is free for all departing and transfer passengers.