Attend a Global Meeting

Enter your Event ID and book your most convenient itinerary online with our world-class airlines.

Depending on the location of your event, there may be additional travel requirements to fly. You can check what you need before you travel, including visas, passport and health credentials for all destinations.  


1. Origination

1. Origination

Attendees must originate from at least two different countries other than the country where the event is being held.

2. Register on time

2. Register on time

The event may be registered from two months to five years in advance.

3. Minimum amount of participants

3. Minimum amount of participants

The event must have a minimum of 50 participants travelling by air.

Participant Benefits

1. Discounts

1. Discounts

Enjoy discounts up to 15% on regular fares with SkyTeam member airlines.

2. Earn miles

2. Earn miles

Earn Miles with any SkyTeam member airlines loyalty program.

3. Reward Tickets

3. Reward Tickets

Earn one reward ticket for every 50 tickets flown.

Benefits for Organizers

Access our global network of destinations through one point of contact.

Get one reward ticket for every 50 attendees traveling to an event with SkyTeam Global Meetings.

Simplify planning global meetings and flights online with a wide range of services, such as online booking and attendee tracking. Signing up is easy with our online registration form.

Our Global Meetings support desk is available to help you with any questions you may have about the SkyTeam Global Meetings program. For more information please contact us at We will answer your email within 48 hours.

The program allows attendees to book and buy their own travel with just a few clicks. If you wish, you can also appoint your preferred IATA Travel Agency, which must be included in the event registration and approved by SkyTeam.

We provide you with a communications kit to help you tell your attendees about the benefits of SkyTeam Global Meetings.

Benefits for Attendees

Enjoy discounts of up to 15% on regular fares with SkyTeam member airlines or benefit from promotional fares when they are lower.

Book your own flights online or via the travel agent if there's one appointed by the event organizer.

Access the world with more than 10,770 SkyTeam flights departing every day.

Travel exclusively with full-service airlines that provide you frequent flyer miles, lounge access,** and many more premium services.

**For SkyTeam Elite Plus, First and Business Class customers.

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