Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do SkyTeam Cargo member airlines offer the same products and services?

Yes. The SkyTeam Cargo product offer includes express (Equation), commodity specific (Variation), customized (Cohesion), and general freight (Dimension) options, which are commonly branded and jointly marketed by all carriers. The service specifications for these products are standard for all SkyTeam Cargo members.

Beyond the product offering, what are the customer benefits available from SkyTeam Cargo airlines?

SkyTeam Cargo offers seamless processing of shipments through coordinated warehousing operations. Each airline is committed to harmonizing handling and processes, providing the best service for our most valuable asset, our customers.

How do I book shipments with SkyTeam Cargo?

Please contact your local SkyTeam Cargo member airline office.

Where can I ship my cargo with SkyTeam Cargo?

The combined network of SkyTeam Cargo member airlines offers more than 850 destinations in 175 countries daily.