SkyTeam Cargo marks 20 years of branded products

Simplified global shipping solutions tailormade to every type of cargo  

AMSTERDAM, 9 November 2022 – SkyTeam Cargo, the world’s only global air cargo alliance, is marking two decades of delivering efficient, seamless shipments through its four key pillar products. Designed to simplify international shipping of all types of cargo – from pharma and perishables to luxury goods – to destinations almost anywhere in the world, the branded products are offered consistently across all SkyTeam Cargo members.  

Launched in 2002 and rebranded in 2018, SkyTeam Cargo’s key pillar products were developed to ensure bespoke and straightforward shipping solutions across almost 800 destinations in 150 countries. These include:  

Express – the choice for expedited shipments of up to 100kg. Express offers fast connectivity with late availability and includes Express Heavy for larger shipments requiring fast dispatch. 

General – a time-tested shipping solution for both bulk and unit load device shipping modes, offering high-quality service for all commodities not requiring specialist handling.  

Specialized – designed to take any kind of cargo anywhere in the world, this caters for atypical and high-value cargo shipments including aerospace parts, art, fashion, fresh produce, pharma and more.  

Customized – a tri-partite contract between the shipper, forwarding agent and SkyTeam Cargo airline offering a personalized handling service. 

“For two decades, SkyTeam Cargo has proudly been the only group of airlines to offer aligned global shipping solutions tailormade to the specific handling requirements of each type of cargo,” said Nico van der Linden, VP SkyTeam Cargo. “Our branded products continue to evolve to give cargo customers confidence that their precious shipments are in safe hands at every step.” 

In 2021 SkyTeam Cargo launched V-EXCELLENCE, transporting COVID-19 vaccine shipments under the unique product family: CUSTOMIZED VACCINES, offering special handling and priority in addition to SPECIALIZED PHARMA, the solution for all pharma shipments. 

SkyTeam Cargo marks 20 years of branded products