Saudia Cargo

Saudia Cargo

Since 1945, Saudia Cargo has helped to connect the world. Saudia Cargo has an extensive global network that manages the flow of cargo across four continents, with 225 international destinations and 26 domestic hubs.

Saudia Cargo is strategically located in Saudi Arabia, and is uniquely positioned for connecting cargo flows to East and West.  This enables shipments with minimal ground time and increased flexibility. Saudia Cargo’s dedicated fleet of modern aircraft and its effective operations ensures that all shipments for general cargo and different product groups are delivered safely and on time.

With its dedicated freighter fleet of ten Boeing 747s and 777s, Saudia Cargo offers extensive capacity on their flights across Asia, Africa, Europe, and the United States.

Saudia Cargo is committed to customer satisfaction, and focused to deliver smooth services for their clients and partners. With a broad range of products and services specifically tailored to meet the requirements of its different customers, Saudia Cargo provides high levels of service while continuing to deliver solutions that match customer needs. As a leading global Air Cargo Brand, Saudia Cargo provides efficient and reliable services, offering secure and convenient connections through its local and international stations.

Saudia Cargo airline prefix number: 065