Members Baggage Policies

Baggage at SkyTeam

Baggage at SkyTeam

Members Baggage Policies

SkyTeam has 20 members, all with their own baggage policies. To keep your travels around our network as simple and seamless as possible, we’ve put all their guidelines together in one place.

Click on the members below and you’ll find the important information you need before you fly. It pays to be in the know - especially if there might be a charge for a checked bag, excess luggage or special items.

If you’re an Elite Plus or Elite member, don’t forget there’s an extra allowance. It’s 10kg for Elite members and 20kg for Elite Plus, or one additional bag where the piece concept applies, depending on routing.

Tips & Tricks

Whether you’re flying for business, pleasure or mixing the two, we’re working hard to ensure a seamless experience – for you and your belongings. Here are some simple tips to make your bag’s journey as smooth as yours:

  • Check your bags for tags

    Check your bags for tags

    Those small barcode stickers can confuse airport scanners, so take old ones off before you fly.

  • Name it

    Name it

    Including your flight details, destination and a contact number makes it easier to reunite you with a delayed bag.

  • Stand out

    Stand out

    A bright ribbon, luggage tag or colored strap makes your luggage easier to identify on the carousel.

  • Size matters

    Size matters

    If you don’t want to check it in, make sure your bag meets your airline’s carry-on restrictions here. 

  • Hand luggage tips

    Hand luggage tips

    Don’t check-in prescribed medication that you need to stay healthy, valuables, or your passport. Believe it or not it does happen!

  • Take your time

    Take your time

    Sometimes delays are simply unavoidable. A longer connection time not only increases your chances of catching the next flight - your bags are more likely to make it too.