Earn Miles

The More You Fly, the Better It Gets

Once you've signed up, earning miles is easy. Simply provide your frequent flyer number when making a reservation or checking in on a qualifying SkyTeam flight. Your miles are then automatically credited to your account.*

In order to earn miles, the airline shown on your ticket (marketing carrier) and the operating airline must both be SkyTeam members, and you must purchase a fare that qualifies for earning miles. You can check if you qualify for earning miles and how many  miles you will earn on your frequent flyer program's website.

Retro Credit

If you have already flown and have not received mileage credit, you must make a retroactive claim directly with your frequent flyer program. Please check your program's website for the complete details on how to file a claim. Please allow 14 days from the date of your flight for the miles to be posted to your account.

* Please keep your boarding pass and ticket receipts until your miles have been added to your account.

Rent with Hertz to receive exclusive benefits and earn miles

In addition to earning miles when flying with our member airlines, you can now benefit from discounted car hire when you rent with our partner, Hertz. As a Frequent Flyer of one of our member airlines’ programs, you will also be able to earn valuable miles with each rental.



More Information?

If you need any additional information related to earning miles, please check your program's website or help desk.