Rules & Guidelines

Class of service

Economy and Business

Discount available

15% discount on the RTW Economy fare on all mileage levels
15% discount on the RTW Business fare on all mileage levels

Baggage allowance

-1PC (max 23Kg) for Economy
-2PC (max 23Kg) for Business

Sales period

30 November 2019 – 31 December 2019

Travel period

7 December 2019 -7 March 2020 (travel must commence within this period)

Mileage Levels

Maximum Mileage: 26000 (RTWSKY4), 29000 (RTWSKY3), 33000 (RTWSKY2), 38000 (RTWSKY1)

Minimum Stay

10 days (exception: origin Japan and South West Pacific: 5 days)

Maximum Stay

6 months


Maximum 15 permitted


Minimum 2 required/Maximum 15 permitted for RTWSKY3, RTWSKY2, RTWSKY1
Minimum 3 required/Maximum 5 permitted for RTWSKY4
(stopover allowed only once at the same point)

The RTW promo fare is applicable subject to availability of the specific booking class.
If the booking class required is not available, the standard RTW fare will apply

For other rules refer to the standard RTW fare