Step 2: Add cities to visit

Add cities to visit

You can now add cities, either by entering a name in the Add cities text box on the left of the screen or in the Map View on the right of the screen.

If you selected "Option1"

Add cities in any random order and let Round the World Planner create the shortest route automatically


Click on "Continue with Option 1" if you know the cities you want to visit but do not mind what order you visit them in. You can enter the cities in any order and proceed as outlined below:

  • Add cities in text box

If you know the name of the city or the three-letter city code ("NYC","LON","TYO") or airport code ("JFK","LHR","NRT") or the airport name, you can either type them in the text box one by one or enter them as a list of random destinations (BOS, PAR, NRT). Then click on + (or press the “Enter” key) to add them to your itinerary. If a matching name or code is found the city in question will be added to your route.


  • Add cities in "Map view"

You can also select cities to be visited in "Map view" (see below for explanation). You can select any destination within the SkyTeam network from the world map.

The first city entered will be taken as origin city by default.

  • Select your preferred travel direction

You can select your preferred travel direction while building your Round the World itinerary using Option1. You can choose either "Any" (default), "Eastbound", or "Westbound". 

If you have chosen Eastbound direction, your Round the World route will be created in a clockwise direction (moving towards east), while in Westbound, your Round the World route will be created in an anti-clockwise direction (moving towards west). If you don’t choose a direction or choose “Any”, the Round the World Planner will automatically choose the direction which forms the shortest route in mileage.


"Start over" hyperlink: Select the "Start over" hyperlink to return to the first screen in order to switch to the other option or to start again. However, in this case all the changes you have made so far will be lost and you will need to start again with a new itinerary.

If you selected ''Option 2"

Build your itinerary by adding cities in order

Click on Continue with Option 2 if you know the cities and the order in which you want to visit them. You can enter the cities in sequence and proceed as outlined below:

Add city of origin

As the first step enter your city of origin in the text box by typing its name/code or airport name/code. Click on + or press the “Enter” key to add it to your itinerary. If a matching name or code is found, that city in question will be added to your route.

Add cities by clicking the “valid” city icon

This option enables you to insert a valid city. A valid city is one that satisfies the Round the World rules and conditions. You can also use the filtering options for the valid cities in the list based on

1. A textbox in which you can enter any location. The list will then be filtered based on this.

2. Direct (), 1 connection () and 2+ connection () flights using the checkboxes.

After adding at least one city to your itinerary, you can continue to add more cities by typing their names/codes/airports in the text box at the top OR you can click the “Valid cities” icon () and select from a list of valid cities.

Why you should use this Valid cities option: 

If you add cities by typing the name in the text box, you have to make sure you follow the SkyTeam Round the World rules. If adding the city violates any SkyTeam rule, errors will be displayed and your route will be invalidated. To save time, if you are not completely familiar with the rules, we highly recommend that you use the "Valid cities" option. You can view the complete list of rules and conditions by clicking “Rules” at the top of the screen. 

You can see the itinerary being built on the right either as a “Map view” or as a “Quick view”. Click the top right corner to switch between the two. You can also view information about any city in your itinerary in "Quick view".


Continue adding cities and finish itinerary

Continue adding cities to visit in order you want. When you are ready to complete your route, click on Finish itinerary.

Finish itinerary: To be valid, your itinerary must commence from and return to the same country. If the last destination added is not located in the country of origin, clicking on Finish itinerary will automatically add the city of origin as your return point. As per the SkyTeam rules, you also need to enter at least 3 stopovers to have a valid Round the World trip. Once you have entered at least 3 stopovers, the "Finish itinerary" button will become visible.

After you have created your Round the World route, the total mileage for the trip will appear at the bottom of the screen.            

Error messages, warning & tips

The Round the World route needs to comply with the SkyTeam Go Round the World Pass rules. You can view the complete list of rules and conditions by clicking on Rules at the top of the screen. If at any point any action violates a SkyTeam rule an error message will be shown. Before a destination is added to or removed from the itinerary it will be validated to check if the destination to be added forms a valid route. If not: An error message will appear at the bottom of the screen. You can click on the error icon to view full details of the error and the reason why it has occurred in a pop-up window.

On the right-hand side, in the visual representation of the Round the World route (Map/Quick view), the error icon () is displayed between invalid destinations. Hover your mouse over the icon to see the complete error message, which will help you make the necessary changes to your itinerary.


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