Step 3: Create route


If you have chosen “Option 1”, the Create Shortest Route button will become active at the bottom of the screen once you have added at least 4 separate cities to your itinerary. Click this button to create the route based on the cities you entered. 

If instead you are in Option 2, the route will be built as you add the cities in order and this button will not be available here. 

After creating the route, the option "Go back to the random list of cities" will appear below the "Add cities" text box (top left of the screen). Click this option to go back to the previous random list of cities and modify the cities list to re-create your route. You may also stay in this screen and modify your route by inserting cities in order after any destination.

Itinerary information

Once your route has been created, it can be viewed on the right side of the screen either in Map view or Quick view in a graphic format.

Mileage: Keep an eye on the mileage shown at the bottom, as the total mileage will determine your fare. The current mileage covered appears clearly in green on the horizontal scale. The indicator will show markings for mileage threshold based on the Round the World Rules and conditions. Hover your mouse over the mileage to see the amount of miles left to reach the next threshold for your itinerary. The total mileage is updated as you add or remove cities to or from your itinerary.

Segments covered: View the number of segments covered in your completed Round the World itinerary at the bottom of the screen. SkyTeam rules and conditions require a minimum of 4 segments and allow a maximum of 16 segments in a Round the World itinerary. 

Estimated Fare: After your route has been created, you will be able to view the estimated fare for your itinerary. Click on details to view complete details of the fare estimate. Note that this is only an indication of the fare and exact fares will be displayed only after you have chosen all your flights.

Flight options: Flight options available between any two cities are represented as follows:

  • Direct flight - ()
  • 1 connection - ()
  • 2+ connections - ()
  • Alternative transportation - (), shown if you chose ‘Alternative transportation’ for a particular segment.
  • Flight Segment - (), shown if you select a flight for a particular segment.

Tips icon () - click this icon to view the help messages/tips while building the route.

The different views are explained below:


Map View


How to work in Map view
You can either add cities via the left panel and view your itinerary being built on the map OR you can select cities directly on the map to create the Itinerary.

Full Map view
Work in Map view only by clicking on the Expand icon() shown on the extreme left of the Map view. Selecting this will display the map in full screen. Return to the previous view by clicking on the Collapse icon () .

Identifying destinations on the map 
You can select cities on the map using the dots plotted on the map:

Grey dots (), represent SkyTeam network i.e. valid SkyTeam destinations.

After a destination is selected on the map the next possible city options can be seen using the following codes:

Direct (), 1 connection () and 2+ connections () icons show the availability of direct, 1 stop & 2+ stop flights respectively for that city. This helps you to pick a valid city directly from the map.

Grey triangles () represent the cities that are not allowed. Some of the cities could make the route invalid based on the rules. You cannot select these destinations.

Blue icons represent the cities you selected.

Use your mouse cursor or navigation pane shown on the map to navigate through the world map.

Zoom scale is also provided to zoom in/zoom out on different areas on the map.

Add cities in Map view:  You can add cities directly on the map by clicking the corresponding destination. A numbered icon is highlighted with the name of the city in the purple box when a city is added from the map. Note that when you hover your mouse over a particular destination the name of that destination is highlighted.

Round the World Route created & flights chosen:

Dotted lines with an arrow connect two cities in a clockwise direction when the route is created.

After you have chosen flights between any two cities, Flight icon() is visible along the dotted line and if you hover your mouse over it flight details are visible.

Modify cities in Map view: When you put your mouse over a particular destination you can remove the city in question or add a next valid city after that city or between two cities.

Other things you can do in Map view:

Show areas: You can view the three IATA areas/regions on the world map in distinct colors by selecting this option. This option will help you to build your Round the World itinerary in compliance with the Round the World rule that states that: "travel must include one transatlantic flight plus one transpacific flight plus one transcontinental flight between area 2 and area 3".

Show city names: You can hide city names on the world map by deselecting this option. By default this is always selected.

Search destination: You can search any destination on this map by entering the name of the destination in the given text box. If it is a valid SkyTeam destination it will be shown on the map. If it is not a valid SkyTeam destination the nearest SkyTeam destination will be shown along with that destination's exact position on the map.

Quick view

You can click on Quick View, to view your itinerary in a simple elliptical format. The arrow with the blue dotted line shows the flow of travel in a clockwise direction.

The grey dotted line shows “Alternative transportation segments”, i.e. cities where the user is not flying but will travel using an alternative transportation method.

Red lines show invalid destinations (violate Round the World rules).

Inside that pop-up window, you can click on "View on map" to view the city's position on the world map.

Go back to the Map view by clicking Map view at the top right-hand corner.

Flight icon () appears next to the dotted line, when a flight is chosen for a segment. Roll the mouse over it to see flight details.

Save itinerary and other options:

Options to save, e-mail, and print your itinerary are provided at the top of the screen as follows:




Itinerary status 

Select this option to save the itinerary information with an itinerary name (optional).

You can e-mail the completed itinerary to multiple e-mail addresses or copy it to a friend. Just fill out the subject line and type a message.

You can print the itinerary

This information icon (i) indicates the Itinerary status: shows whether your route is a valid Round the World itinerary or still an incomplete itinerary.


Itineraries menu (top of the screen):  Pick from the following options in the drop down menu:

My itineraries: To view all your previously saved itineraries as a list

Convert to PDF:  To save and view your itinerary as a PDF

Icons to share itinerary on Facebook() and Sina Weibo() are provided. Click on the respective option to share your route on your facebook wall or on Sina Weibo.

Modify your itinerary

At any point you can modify your route by adding or removing cities. You can change the position of a city in the list, remove a city, insert a city by clicking the Valid cities icon () , mark a segment as Alternative transportation 
(  Alternative transportation) or remove all cities.

If any action violates a SkyTeam Round the World rule an error message will appear. Click on the error icon () to view the complete explanation. Note that you can view the complete list of rules and conditions by clicking on Rules at the top of the screen.  

The following is the list of modify actions you can perform:

  • Change the order of the cities you have entered: You can use the up and down arrows () to move cities up and down respectively.
  • Deleting a city: click the Delete icon () to remove a city from your itinerary.
  • Adding more cities in between: click the Valid cities icon () to insert a city from the valid list or simply add city B after city A in the list by: 1) selecting city A, 2) entering city B in the text box.
  • Select ‘Alternative transportation*’ (  Alternative transportation) for a segment: Select the checkbox below the city button in the list. 
    * “Alternative transportation” indicates that instead of flying  between two cities you prefer to travel by road, rail, boat or any other means of transportation you would manage yourself.

Remove all the cities you have entered: click on Remove All at the top of the itinerary

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