SkyTeam is making COVID-19 health credential checks simpler and more straightforward to help make your travel easier.


The new SKYCLEARED boarding pass indicator signals that your travel credentials meet COVID-19 travel requirements for your entire itinerary. 


Your documents will only need to be validated at the first touchpoint on your trip – even if you’re connecting onto another SkyTeam member. And with no need for additional checks by frontline airline employees along your journey, you’ll save time at the airport, including at transfer.


SKYCLEARED is currently being rolled out across more member airlines.


How it works:

Until day of departure

When you check-in online, upload the required health documentation. Once approved you’ll be able to download your boarding passes showing a SKYCLEARED indicator.

Airport check-in

Your COVID-19 credentials will be validated at check-and you’ll be issued with a boarding pass showing a SKYCLEARED indicator.

After check-in

A boarding pass with a SKYCLEARED indicator is all you need to show as proof of eligibility to travel*, including connecting flights.


If your boarding pass doesn’t have a SKYCLEARED indicator and COVID-19 requirements apply to your journey, you will be subject to additional document checks prior to boarding.