Getting from A to B isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Sometimes, events such as delays or missed connections can result in your journey not going as planned.

SkyTeam is working tirelessly behind the scenes at all our destinations to ensure seamless transfers for every customer. So, if the unexpected should happen, you can be assured we’ll take immediate action to ensure both you and your bags get to your destination.

Connections through SkyTeam Hubs

SkyTeam’s extensive network and convenient flight schedules make planning trips with connecting flights simple.

And once your journey begins, you can count on us for seamless and efficient transfers through some of the world's most modern hubs.

Boarding passes, bags and tags

When you fly and connect from one SkyTeam member to another, you can check in for all your flights at the same time. You’ll receive boarding passes for all your flights and your bags will be tagged through to your final destination. *

* Local security or customs regulations may require you to collect and re-check your bags at certain airports.

Take a break between flights

SkyTeam is the world leader in providing alliance lounges for your comfort and enjoyment, with more than 750+ lounges worldwide for international Elite Plus, First and Business Class customers.

Luxurious amenities, delicious cuisine and a calming atmosphere make SkyTeam’s Lounges in Dubai, Istanbul, Santiago de Chile, Sydney and Vancouver the perfect place to relax or catch up with work. See you there!

Caring to ensure you get to your destination

SkyTeam member airlines provide transfer customer services at high-traffic hubs. This is your go-to place for transfer information, help with printing boarding passes or selecting a seat as you travel with any of our members airlines. And, should you miss your connection, an agent here will rebook you on the next available flight.

Eligible SkyPriority customers also benefit from dedicated transfer service counters at most SkyTeam hubs. And if you prefer to help yourself, there are handy, self-service kiosks at our many of our main hubs.