SkyTeam Seamless Transfers

Although the world has never been more connected, sometimes getting from A to B isn’t as easy as it sounds. Unexpected events or complicated routes with one or more connections can result in complications. That’s why SkyTeam is working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure every customer experiences seamless transfers.

How do we make this happen? Discover here:

The Seamless Connection

There are hundreds of people working on the ground in all our destinations monitoring each of our daily 15,000+ flights to identify any potential pitfalls. And if needed, to take immediate action to ensure both you and your baggage get to your final destination.

The Short Connection

By the end of 2020, thanks to new technology developed by SkyTeam, members will have the ability to see exactly where bags are. This means that when a bag leaves one airline and is transferred to the next, it can be tracked even when it switches to another member airline.

The Missed Connection

Another way SkyTeam ensures seamless transfers? If you miss your connecting flight or if it’s canceled or diverted, there’s no need to worry. Simply head to any of our member airlines at the airport and they will be able to get you back on your way as quickly as possible.

SkyTeam Rebooking is industry-first technology, only available with SkyTeam and its members at 100+ airports worldwide.