5 travelers, 5 visions of travel

At SkyTeam, we know that each and every traveler is unique. This inspired us to create SkyTeam Stories and put the spotlight on five travelers as passionate about their work as we are about accompanying you. Although their backgrounds may differ, they each explore the world in search of inspiration and it is this love for the journey that unites them.

Leaf Greener, Fashion Consultant on The Run

Self-professed busy and “comfortable traveler” Leaf Greener is a writer and Fashion Editor. Based in Shanghai, jetting from city to city, Leaf lives at the pace of the international Fashion Weeks. Her goal? Follow innovation and unearth the best fashion talents wherever she goes.

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Fabio Novembre, Nomadic Architect & Designer

As far as he can remember, Milan based architect and designer Fabio Novembre has always been working on projects across the globe. In 2014, he designed the new headquarters of the AC Milan, which he also happens to support.

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Paola Carosella, Global Cheftrotter

Sao Paolo based chef Paola Carosella, an accomplished chef who has worked in renowned restaurants all over the world, is always on the hunt for uniqueness. This curious Argentinian infuses her food with the flavors she discovers while traveling the world.

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Jareau Wade, Palo Alto High Flyer

San Francisco based digital entrepreneur Jareau Wade isn’t your average tech guy. As an avid traveler Jareau has very early in his life experienced what bridging cultures means. His ability to move between different worlds and curiosity inspire his work and journeys.

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Eddie McDougall, Flying Winemaker

Eddie McDougall’s passion for wine was cemented in Melbourne, where he studied enology before returning to his native Hong Kong. A champion of Rosé wines, Eddie is always traveling the world in search of new and elegant flavors. His mission? Bring Western wine culture to Asia.

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