Travel Requirements Map

Finding out what you need to travel shouldn’t be hard work. That’s why we’ve put the travel information you need for your trip in one place with detailed information on:


  • Travel restrictions 
  • COVID-19 testing
  • Visa requirements
  • Documents you might need


Note: Information accurate at the time of publishing and provided as guidance only. Always check government and airline websites before you book and prior to travel.


* To see the travel requirements map in your preferred language, click on one of these options: EspañolFrançais, ItalianioPortuguêsTiếng Việt or 简体中文.

* This information is compiled, monitored and provided independently by Visa Run Inc. (dba Sherpa) from sources selected and monitored by Sherpa. It is only made accessible here by SkyTeam for your convenience. SkyTeam does not guarantee the accuracy or reliability of either this information or Sherpa’s verification processes, for which please refer to Sherpa. As such, SkyTeam does not accept liability or responsibility for any omissions, errors or inaccuracies in this information, which may also change at any time. The dynamic nature of local responses to COVID-19 increases the risk of information being outdated or inaccurate. It is your responsibility to independently inform yourself of any actual restrictions or requirements that may apply at your origin, destination or transit locations when you travel. This webpage is made available to you on the basis that you have accepted these terms.

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Visa Requirements

Always ensure you have any visas, health credential or other travel documents required for your destination before arriving at the airport. It’s easy to find out which documents you need, and apply for eVisas for more countries than ever on Check what’s required.  

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