Korean Air New ICN Cool Cargo Center

SEOUL, November 2021

Korean Air has begun to operate its Cool Cargo Center (CCC) at Incheon International Airport to improve services in the cold chain sector. The company is the first airline to operate a terminal exclusively dedicated to the trans-shipment of temperature-sensitive cargo at an airport. CCC operations are in response to the rapid growth of the cold chain market, which includes the transportation of pharmaceuticals such as vaccines as well as fresh goods like salmon, cherries, and lobsters.

The CCC is being used to store temperature-sensitive cargo as well as cargo to be transported by passenger aircraft. With a total area of about 17,400 square meters, the facility consists of a total of six temperature-controlled warehouses and can store a total of 45 ULDs, an amount that can fill up one cargo aircraft. The warehouses can accommodate temperatures between -20 to 22 degrees Celsius. Also, a canopy has been installed to cover the whole area so that transshipment cargo can be stored safely even in inclement weather.

Korean Air has been striving to improve cold chain services by operating specialized fresh and pharmaceutical transport services based on its special cargo transportation know-how. In response to the increasing demand for temperature-sensitive cargo, the CCC will help Korean Air provide more advanced temperature management services.

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