Step 7: Make Payment

step7On this page, you will be required to enter payment details to make online payment for your itinerary. If the Payment is successful, your booking will be created and an e-ticket copy will be sent to your email address.

On the top of this page, the total price to be paid will be displayed with the details.

Currently option to pay by credit card is provided, which may be MasterVisa or Amex.

Note: You may be required to get pre-approval of the given amount from your credit card issuer owing to the high price amount.

Select your Payment method and enter credit card information and billing address. You will be required to declare that you agree to the terms and conditions of the fare and terms of carriage before you submit the payment information for processing.

If you agree, select the checkbox and click on Continue button given at the bottom.

At this point, RTW Planner will validate your credit card, process the payment and create your booking. If the card was rejected, you will be prompted to enter a valid credit card.

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