Step1: Plan your journey

The first step is to build a valid Round The World route i.e. which is valid as per the Rules.

Select an option

The two options on the left of the screen offer two alternate ways of entering the list of cities: 


Option 1: Add cities to visit in any order and let the Round the World Planner automatically create the shortest route which also satisfies the Round the World rules. Pick this option if you know the cities you want to visit but do not care about the exact order in which you would like to visit them.

Option 2: Pick this option if you know the order in which you would like to visit the cities for your Round the World journey.

Choose one to proceed to the next step: entering a city name or airport name/code.

To the right of your screen, you can see and build your Round the World itinerary on a world map ("Map view"). You can also view your itinerary in "Quick view": a stylised view of your itinerary as an ellipse going clockwise. These two views will only appear once you have chosen one of the two options.

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