Step 4: Choose your Flights

Once you have created your route click on the Choose Flights button to choose flights
for each segment of your completed Round the World itinerary.

After selecting the Choose Flights button, you will be first prompted to enter your traveler details including the number of travelers, your cabin class and the preferred currency in which you will make the payment.

After entering your traveler details, click on save to proceed with selecting the flights.

To select flights, select a departure date for a particular segment and then click Choose flightnext to that segment. Choose Flight will display a pop-up allowing you to choose a flight for the given date and selected class from the given available flight options.

Sort and Filter options are given at the top of the screen. Click on the Details icon to see the detailed flight information. After you have selected flights for a segment the flight details will be shown as selected for the segment in question. The Change flight button will allow you to go back and make changes to the selected flight.

Note that when you have selected a flight for a particular segment a small Flight icon () is visible next to the dotted line in the Map/Quick view. By hovering the mouse over it you can view the flight details.

After your route is complete, you will automatically be able to view the exact Fare for all Passengers at the bottom of your screen. Click on details to view the exact fare break up.

In order to further proceed with reviewing and booking, click on Review button on the screen.

To modify the cities (add/remove cities in the completed itinerary) at this stage you can click on Back to modify cities at the bottom.

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