Step 6: Enter Traveler details

step 6

If you continue with online booking, you will now be required to enter details of all travelers in the booking.

You will be required to enter the following information for each traveler:

  • Traveler Name
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality Country
  • Frequent Flyer Information

You can accrue miles with any SkyTeam member airline on your Round the World Ticket. In order to accrue the miles, you can also enter your frequent flyer number under this section.

  • Secure Flight Information (when traveling to US)

This section is displayed only if origin country or one of the countries visited in the itinerary is US. This information is required for security reasons as per Transport Security Administration(TSA) regulations. Refer TSA website for more information.

Under this, you will be required to enter the address of the first night in USA. If you have a known traveler number or a redress number already issued, click on the respective option to enter the details. To know more about these fields, click on the hyperlink to view the details of the program.

  • Travel Document

Under this section, you will be required to enter Passport information for the respective traveler.

  • Contact Information

This section will require you to enter name, email and Phone where you would like to be contacted. This information needs to be entered once for all travelers. Optionally, you can also enter different contact details for emergency contact information.

A timer message will be displayed on the top of the screen to indicate the time left to proceed to the next step in the booking process. In case of a timeout, you may be required to reselect your flights as the given flights may be no longer available for booking.

After entering the required information, click on Purchase button at the bottom to proceed with payment.

To go back to the itinerary, click on Back.

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