Terms & Conditions of the SkyTeam RTW Contest – October 2019

Article 1: Organizer 

SkyTeam Airline Alliance Management Cooperative U.A., a Dutch cooperation, registered with the Trade Register in Amsterdam under number 34345101, having its corporate seat in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and its place of business at Schiphol Boulevard 367, WTC, 1118 BJ Schiphol, The Netherlands (“SkyTeam“). SkyTeam is organising a free contest with no obligation to purchase on the Instagram account/channel of Ewa Bianka Zubek, to run from October 13, 2019, to October 21, 2019 (CET) (the “Contest”). Ewa Bianka Zubek will announce the winner of the Contest on her Instagram Story on October 20, 2019. SkyTeam is acting in accordance with the Dutch Code of Conduct on Promotional Games of Chance, 2014.

Article 2: Participation 

The Contest is open to any natural person aged 21 or over. A participant can only play once. Participation with several email address can’t be registered. Entry is free of charge and with no obligation to purchase. No person who contributes to organising and running the Contest, or any staff employed by the SkyTeam group as well as members of their immediate family may enter the Contest. Entrants must have access to an internet connection and a valid e-mail address to enter the Contest.   

By entering the Contest, you accept the terms, conditions and provisions of the present Contest rules as well as the ethical rules governing the Internet and all legislation and regulations pertaining to free Contests. Non-compliance with the entry conditions set out in the present Rules will render an entry null and void. This Contest and its rules are written in English only. Consequently, participants must have good knowledge of this language to be able to play and win the contest prize.

Article 3: Contest Announcement 

The present Contest is announced on the Instagram account/channel of Ewa Bianka Zubek as a post and an Instagram Story.

Article 4: Principle Of The Contest

  • The participant is associated with a SkyTeam Round The World trip.
  • The participant creates a Round The World trip on the Round The World Planner website and screenshots it. 
  • The participant can then participate by uploading the screenshot on his/her own Instagram account (as an Instagram Story) and tagging @skyteamalliance and #RoundTheWorldTicket. 
  • The participant then is registered in the contest for a chance to win the prize.
  • The participant can only register/participate once.

Article 5: Designation Of The Winner 

At the end of the contest SkyTeam will hold a sweepstake. This will be a random drawing taking into account all eligible entries received during the applicable entry period as described in article 1. 

The name of the winner will be announced on the Instagram Story of Ewa Bianka Zubek on October 20, 2019.

The winner will be informed that he/she has won through Instagram Direct Messaging via the Instagram channel/account of SkyTeam. We will then ask for the winner’s email and contact info to send the proper information. 

If the winner does not respond within fifteen (15) days to the direct message or e-mail, he or she shall be deemed to have forfeited the prize, which will then be reassigned through another sweepstake organised by SkyTeam.

The winner, on receiving notification of his/her win, must inform SkyTeam of all the personal details required in order to arrange the Round The World Ticket (Name and first name, telephone number, email addresses, postal address, passport number, visa, departure city) and also all personal details of the travelling companion (Name and first name, telephone number, email addresses, postal address, passport number, visa, departure city).

The winner shall comply with the present rules. Should it transpire that the winner does not meet the criteria of the present rules or is not compliant with those rules, his/her prize will not be awarded and shall be reassigned through another sweepstake organised by SkyTeam.

Prize may under no circumstances be taken back or exchanged for their cash value or any other prize, nor be transferred to a third party. However, in cases of force majeure or if circumstances so require, SkyTeam may substitute different prizes of equivalent value for the prizes initially proposed. Prize shall not be open to challenge or any other demand of any kind whatsoever. Winner of the prize shall not hold SkyTeam liable with respect to the prizes and notably their condition and qualities.

Article 6: Changes To The Terms & Conditions

SkyTeam reserves the right to change the terms, conditions and/or legal mentions of the Contest guidelines at any time and without prior warning. The terms, conditions and/or legal mentions of the Contest guidelines will not in any way be changed to the prejudice of participants during the Contest.

Article 7: The Prize

2 SkyTeam Round The World Tickets for 1 person, for up to 26,000 miles.

SkyTeam Round The World Tickets: 

  • 2 free tickets to preset, non-modifiable destinations based on the test result for which the participant decided to participate + 1 departure city to be determined.
  • Contest winner will be directly in contact with a person from SkyTeam to plan his/her SkyTeam trip and confirm booking. 
  • Contest winner is required to select his/her Round The World trip within 3 months of the prize announcement. 
  • SkyTeam Round The World ticket is valid for travel for six months with a minimum required stops of three and maximum of five.

Extra costs (accommodation, transports, meals, personal expenses) and transportation costs to the departure airport are borne by the traveler.

Any due tax relating to the prize should be paid by the winner and/or traveler.

Article 8: Data Privacy 

The Contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Instagram. All information provided from the participant is for the use of SkyTeam only and not Instagram.

Personal information gathered as part of the present Contest shall be processed in accordance with the SkyTeam Privacy Policy and in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation ("EU GDPR"). Entrants are hereby informed that information marked with an asterisk on the Instagram Caption Terms & Conditions is required if their entry is to be taken into account.

Pursuant to the EU GDPR, all entrants are entitled to access, modify, and delete any data concerning them. For all such requests, please apply in writing to koen.coppens@skyteam.com 

Any transfer to third parties of personal data gathered by SkyTeam in the course of the present Contest is subject to prior, express authorization on the part of the entrant. 

The winner authorises explicitly and unconditionally SkyTeam to use his/her name, first name, photograph on the SkyTeam website and on the SkyTeam social platforms and for the purposes of communication or advertising pertaining to the present Contest and on any publishing media with no financial contribution being claimable by winner(s) in this connection.

However, should the winner desire that no use be made of his/her name, or photographs in the above-mentioned connection, he/she may assert his/her right to non-publication in writing no later than seven days after being informed of winning the Contest, to: koen.coppens@skyteam.com

Article 9: Contest Dates 

SkyTeam will not be held responsible if, in a case of force majeure or events beyond its control, it is forced to cancel the present Contest, shorten or prolong it, defer it, or modify its conditions.

Article 10: Checks On entrant Identity 

Contest entrants shall authorise any and all checks on their identity and departure city. These checks shall be carried out in strict compliance with legal provisions concerning the right to privacy. Any indication of falsified, fraudulent, false, untrue, incorrect or inexact identity or address details shall render an entry null and void.

Article 11: Liability 

SkyTeam shall not be held liable in the event of any Internet dysfunction preventing access to the Contest or its normal operation. In particular, SkyTeam shall not be held liable for any external malicious acts. 

While SkyTeam shall make every effort to offer users information and/or tools that are available and verified, it shall nevertheless not be liable for any errors, nor for any lack of data availability and/or the presence of viruses on the Instagram account/channels of Ewa Bianka Zubek and SkyTeam. Submitting an entry to the Contest constitutes your acceptance of the characteristics and limitations of the Internet, the lack of protection for certain items of data against any misuse or hacking, and the threat of contamination by any computer viruses circulating on the Internet. It is the responsibility of each entrant to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and/or software stored on their computer and telephone equipment against any attack.

Furthermore, SkyTeam shall not be held responsible for: 

  • Problems with telephone connections,
  • Software or hardware problems, 
  • The destruction of data supplied by participants for reasons not attributable to SkyTeam,
  • Human errors or errors of electrical origin,
  • Disruption that may affect the proper running of the Contest or dysfunctions in the automated prize draw process.
  • Problems linked to the transportation & delivery of the reward

SkyTeam shall not be held responsible for the consequences of any delays in the delivery of electronic mail that cannot be attributed to it. Any and all complaints must be made directly by recipients to the companies responsible for the transmission of such electronic mail.

SkyTeam shall not be liable for any physical inability on the part of winners to board an aircraft or travel to a foreign country if their travel documents are not in order (lack of visa, lack of passport, passport expired, etc.).

In all cases, if the proper administrative and/or technical operation of the Contest is disrupted by a cause beyond the control of SkyTeam, the said SkyTeam reserves the right to terminate the Contest early. 

SkyTeam may verify the identity of the participants by all means needed at any time. 

SkyTeam has the right to cancel the whole SkyTeam Round The World Contest, if any sort of fraud is detected.  

If a fraud is detected, SkyTeam has the right to exclude the participant from the Contest, without attributing him/her a reward. In that case, the participant may also be denounced to the competent authority. 

SkyTeam shall not be held responsible by the participants, in case of exclusion following the detection of potential frauds. 

A fraud is considered as, but not limited to: 

  • Entering the Contest with fake name, surname
  • Using multiple email addresses and/or Instagram accounts to create multiple registration entries
  • Using any technical ways to generate fake accounts

Any fraud or non-compliance in connection with the present Contest Rules may result in the entrant’s expulsion from the Contest, SkyTeam reserving the right, where appropriate, to initiate legal proceedings against the entrant.

Article 12: Interpretation Of Contest Rules - Complaints

SkyTeam shall answer all queries with respect to the present Contest Rules in compliance with the Dutch law. Its decisions shall be final. Any challenge or claim in connection with the Contest must be set down in writing, and will not be examined until one month after the end of the Contest. Complaints can be send by mail to: SkyTeam, Koen Coppens, Schiphol Boulevard 367, 1118 BJ Schiphol, The Netherlands.

Article 13: Applicable Law And Jurisdiction 

The present Contest Rules are subject to the Dutch law.  Any dispute arising in connection with the Contest shall be settled by the competent Court of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Article 14: Acceptance Of Contest Rules 

Entering the present Contest constitutes full and unreserved acceptance of all the clauses and conditions set out in the present Contest Rules.