SkyTeam Celebrates International Women's Day

As CEO and Managing Director of SkyTeam, I am heartened to see our airline members’ posts on social media celebrating the women in their workforces on International Women’s Day.  

From all-female crews to flights operated above and below wing by all-female teams, maintenance technicians working on engines, gate and ramp agents, and meteorologists…Across SkyTeam’s global airline network, women work at every level in every field imaginable.  

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, aviation directly supported some 65 million jobs and US$ 2.7 trillion of economic activity worldwide, yet our industry is in crisis. The pandemic has grounded planes, shut airport terminals, and clipped the wings of thousands of hard-working airline employees, of all genders. It is crucial that we find a safe means, in partnership with governments, industry bodies and health authorities, to restart air travel, and support economic recovery soon. 

That’s why SkyTeam is advocating for scalable and reliable health pass technology, including testing, to give international governments the confidence to reopen borders. Letting our airline members get back to doing what they do best - connecting people across continents - will help to rebuild the global economy. 

I started my own aviation career almost 30 years ago, fulfilling a dream that started as a small child, excitedly stepping into airports and watching planes soar into the skies. Joining the airline industry, I was told that I would either dislike my first six months working for an airline or be hooked for life. I am hooked for life.   

We need a robust aviation industry to offer the career of a lifetime to the next generation of young girls who look up at those planes in the sky and say, ‘that will be me one day.’


Happy International Women’s Day,


Kristin Colvile

CEO and Managing Director