Happy World Pilots’ Day

We dedicate today to all our member airlines’ pilots who safely connect millions of our passengers around the world every year. SkyTeam’s mission to offer travelers an extensive global network would be impossible without all the pilots flying for our 19 members.

To mark this special day, we reached out to three of our members’ pilots to ask what their job means to them. Here’s what they said.


Mukarram Noordin (IG: @MNoordin)
E190 Captain at Kenya Airways

“Putting on that uniform gives you a sense of responsibility, leadership and discipline. You are in control of a multi-million dollar jet with a duty to transport passengers from one place to another safely. That just instills a sense of pride. That is being a pilot!”


Helen Van Dam (IG: @PilotVanDam)
B737 First Officer at KLM

“Being a pilot means so much to me. I strive to provide the most comfortable (and safest) flight possible for our passengers and crew. I became a pilot because I knew I didn’t have to ‘work’ but fly. Next to that, the dynamic of our rosters, different crews and destinations makes being a pilot a lot of fun.”


Simona Paun (IG: @Pilot_Sim)
ATR72 First Officer at TAROM

“Being a pilot means finding happiness in the air no matter what happens on ground, being free even if there is no room for error. After graduating from university I did some soul searching in order to determine my future path. My biggest dream was always to be able to fly - so I just needed to find a metal bird to help me do it.”