Individual Bios

<h3>Patrick Roux</h3>

Patrick Roux

Chief Executive Officer

<h3>Dao Nguyen</h3>

Dao Nguyen

Head of Revenue Development

<h3>Mauro Oretti</h3>

Mauro Oretti

Head of SkyTeam Operations

<h3>Christian Oberle</h3>

Christian Oberle

Head of Digital & Information Technology

<h3>Andy Lui</h3>

Andy Lui

Head of Innovation

<h3>Matt Weisenburg</h3>

Matt Weisenburg

Head of Transformation

<h3>Lindsey Cooks</h3>

Lindsey Cooks

Head of Human Resources & Office Management

<h3>Evgenia Starkova</h3>

Evgenia Starkova

Head of Marketing & Sustainability