Go USA & Canada

Go USA & Canada

Travel Pass expired as of January 1 2019. Rules only for condition purposes

Make a presentation in New Orleans and celebrate your success with a cocktail in Miami. Learn how to wrangle a steer at a Montana ranch, and then round up your business partners for a night on the town in Montreal. Whether you are traveling for business, pleasure or both, with the SkyTeam Go USA & Canada Travel Pass, you can explore the USA and Canada at your own pace with less hassle and more savings.

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  • Maximum stops:


  • Maximum duration:

    All travel must be completed within the validity of the SkyTeam international ticket

You're eligible for a SkyTeam Go USA & Canada Travel Pass when you buy an intercontinental round-trip ticket to the United States or Canada with any one of our SkyTeam member airlines. Then simply book your seats on Delta Air Lines flights at least 14 days before your departures and you're good to go USA and Canada.

You can choose from three to 16 flights for your SkyTeam Go USA & Canada Travel Pass. There is no minimum stay and the maximum stay is subject to the flight date of your intercontinental ticket.

For more specific information, please contact your travel agent or one of our member airlines.

Destinations for the USA and Canada include the extensive network of Delta Air Lines across the country through hubs like Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul or New York JFK, and a selection of key gateways in Canada such as  Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

If you are a member of a frequent flyer program with one of our SkyTeam member airlines, you earn miles on qualifying flights.

For more specific information, please contact your travel agent or your frequent flyer program’s service center.

To Book, Contact a SkyTeam Member Airline