Alessandro Fusaro


Senior Manager Customer Journey
My name is Alessandro Fusaro, I have been working for SkyTeam for more than four years and covered a number of positions within the organization, from digital to customer experience. My current role is Manager Customer Experience and Personal Safety and my focus is on the joint COVID-19 response customer experience standards across our member carriers, alongside the overarching seamless travel promise. My focus is basically on bringing members together and on a synergetic track to deliver a consistent experience across member carriers for what concerns policies and standards.


My life motto is "together we fly" and SkyTeam's mission is definitely in line with this concept: the only and most fulfilling way to go far is to jointly work towards a common objective.

SkyTeam's culture

SkyTeam's culture is based on ambition, but also and most importantly on teamwork and diversity. The organization is made of employees coming from all corners of the world, bringing in the most varied cultures, approaches and backgrounds. This is something that gets me every time, the power of bridging distances and background, joining hands towards a common goal.

What I like about SkyTeam is the sense of belonging to something good. We are all engaging with our member carriers on a daily basis and with each one of them the feeling is that we are part of a community, long lasting relationship that is based on bringing value to customers, business but also people.

Biggest achievement

The launch of SkyCare&Protect within a record time of two months was definitely a challenge but also quite an achievement too: knowing that all over the world, all our member carriers were delivering 15 aligned health and safety measures to protect our joint customers during the pandemic, both in the air and on ground, was really powerful. That also was recognized with a gold award at the International Customer Experience Awards in the "customer experience in the crisis" category.

Similarly, also launching an industry-first testing labs locator, supporting customers to find the closest COVID-19 testing facility, developed in house in a matter of three weeks and with a global scope, is an achievement that I am very impressed with.

Why SkyTeam?

The primary focus on working in an airline is - rightfully so - the experience of a customer on the airline's touch points, from the digital booking experience, to customer service, until the day of travel (check-in, boarding and onboard).

What in an airline is often neglected is to focus on what happens to an airline customer when they leave the airline's touch points, for example when connecting to a partner carrier, or when being handled by a partner's agent in another airport than the airline's home base.

That expanded scope, that multi-carrier experience nuance, is what makes working for an alliance truly unique.

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About SkyTeam

SkyTeam is the alliance dedicated to providing passengers with a more integrated, seamless and responsible travel experience at every step of their journey. Our members work together to connect millions of passengers safely and seamlessly across an extensive global network. 


SkyTeam is a truly international organization that brings together different cultures and backgrounds, all united by our passion for the airline industry.

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