Meet Katerina


Chief Information Security Officer 
I’m Katerina Sibinovska Mitikj, SkyTeam’s Chief Information Security Officer. I joined SkyTeam in September 2021 with a focus on delivering a best-in-class information security ecosystem that balances protecting SkyTeam with our ability to adopt innovative technology. Working closely with our 18 members to further enhance our security control environment is a big aspect of my role.


My motto is “You are never too small to make a difference”​ and that is definitely underpinned by SkyTeam’s culture.

SkyTeam's culture

If I had to describe SkyTeam’s culture in one word, I would say ‘family’. We might have different opinions, ideas, and approaches but we always respect each other, and at the end of the day we all share the same goal.

We are focused on delivering our vision of powering the safest and most seamless customer experience of any global alliance, and that’s made possible by the hard work and dedication of our team.

Everyone is extremely passionate about the industry we work in and the value we bring to our members. In SkyTeam we embrace diversity and inclusion. 

Biggest achievement

Creating stronger relationships among SkyTeam Members to improve the development of best practices and the management of cyber security risks. 

Why SkyTeam?

As part of SkyTeam, I get to work closely with and learn from security experts in the aviation industry and play a part in something good that creates value. 

With SkyCare&Protect SkyTeam is making international travel safer and easier, like our seamless check-in experience that’s saving hundreds of thousands of customers from having to wait in line. SkyTeam’s Sustainable Flight Challenge is an inspiring initiative which is delivering new ideas to help reduce aviation’s environmental impact (how amazing is that? 😊) Our RISE Leadership Program, is helping boost gender diversity in the aviation industry. 

For me, working for SkyTeam gives me a feeling of pride! 

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About SkyTeam

SkyTeam is the alliance dedicated to providing passengers with a more integrated, seamless and responsible travel experience at every step of their journey. Our members work together to connect millions of passengers safely and seamlessly across an extensive global network. 


SkyTeam is a truly international organization that brings together different cultures and backgrounds, all united by our passion for the airline industry.

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