SkyTeam and its members transport millions of customers and their bags around the world every day.

Whether you’re flying for business, leisure or both, we’re working hard to ensure we look after your bags as much as we care about you.


Baggage information

The amount you can bring with you depends on your airline’s baggage policy and the ticket you purchase. Find out what you can take on your trip and restricted items by clicking on your airline’s logo.


Carry-on Calculator

SkyTeam members’ carry-on baggage policies may vary. If you’re connecting between airlines, SkyTeam’s Hand Luggage Calculator makes it easy to comply with on-board baggage rules for your whole itinerary. Simply enter your airlines and class of travel.

And don’t forget, whatever you carry on will need to fit in the overhead bins or under the seat in front of you. 

Calculate your carry-on
Extra baggage allowance

SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus members enjoy extra baggage allowance. There’s an additional 10kg for Elite members and 20kg for Elite Plus, or one additional bag where the piece concept applies.

Labelling to final destination

If connecting flights are booked under one ticket, bags will be labelled to your final destination. If not, while our agents will do their best to help, it might not always be possible to check them all the way. In some cases, though labeled to the final destination, the bag needs to be picked up to clear customs.

Delayed, lost or damaged baggage

SkyTeam and its members work hard to ensure you and your bags arrive together, but sometimes not everything goes to plan. Find out what to do by clicking on your airline’s logo.

1. Wait and see

If your bag isn’t first on the belt, don’t worry. It can take a while for everything to be unloaded and on some occasions, a bag might end up on a different carousel by mistake. Oversized bags and sporting equipment are often collected from a specific area of the baggage hall. 

2. File a report

If your bag is missing, report it to the airline’s baggage services team straight away who will issue a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). You’ll be asked for your bag receipt, a description, a form of ID, contact details and an address for where the bag should be delivered to. 

3. Essential expenses 

Airlines will reimburse you for reasonable expenses you incur due to the delay to your bag, such as toiletries and a change of clothes. You’ll need to keep the receipts for any items you purchase. 

4. Track your bag

If your bag has a tracking device on it, you’ll be able to pinpoint its location. If it doesn’t, you’ll be able to track it online it using your Property Irregularity Report (PIR) via your airline’s baggage tracing tool. 

5. Keep in touch

Make sure to stay in contact with the airline and follow up regularly about the status of your bag. Most delayed bags are put on the next flight to your destination and quickly reunited with their owners. 

6. Carry-on

If you want to ensure your bag arrives when you do, consider packing lighter. SkyTeam’s Carry-on Calculator lets you know the hand-baggage allowance for every airline in your itinerary. 

Excess baggage

Before you travel - and to avoid any unexpected surprises at the airport - it's essential to know your baggage allowance for your journey. You can find out the number of bags or kilos you are entitled to check-in via the 'Manage my Booking' function on your airline's website or your booking confirmation. If you need to bring more than your baggage allowance, SkyTeam's members will carry excess bags for an additional charge. Click on your airline's logo below for details of fees for excess baggage fees and special items such as sporting equipment.

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