What can I bring on board? 10 carry-on tips

Confused about what you can and can’t bring on board a plane? These 10 tips from SkyTeam will have you packing like a pro.

  1. Can I take a hair straightener in hand baggage?
    Yes. Hair straighteners, hair dryers and similar can go in hand luggage. You won’t need to take them out of your bag for security. However, your bag may be subject to an additional search.

  1. Are razors allowed on planes?
    Disposable razors (blade encased in plastic), cartridges and electric shavers can go in carry-on. You can bring tweezers, nail clippers and scissors (blades under 6cm) on board.  

  1. Can I take insulin on a plane?
    Yes. Insulin and diabetes related equipment like syringes can be taken on board. Always keep prescribed medication in your carry-on. This includes Epi-pens and medicine you need to stay healthy. If you need oxygen on board, contact your airline.

  1. What size carry-on bag can I take?
    Rules vary, but SkyTeam’s Carry-on Calculator has you covered. Simply enter your airlines and class of travel. The Calculator will tell you what size bag to bring for all your flights.

  1. Can I take baby milk in hand baggage?
    Yes. Supplies including sterile water, powder, ready-to-use formula, breast milk and baby food can go in hand luggage. You must be traveling with your baby and may require additional screening.

  1. What are liquid limits for hand luggage?
    General rules: maximum 100 millilitres per item in a clear, 1 liter plastic bag. At most airports, liquids must be taken out of your bag for screening. Duty Free liquids over 100ml bought after security bring can be taken on board if kept sealed. You’ll need a receipt.

  1. Can I bring a wedding dress on a plane?
    Say yes to the dress! Your wedding dress can fly in the cabin with you in a garment bag or box. Check with the airline for dimensions.

  1. Are power banks and chargers allowed on board?
    Rechargeable electronic items like power banks and spare batteries are allowed in carry-on. It’s the same for e-cigarettes and vapes, although you cannot use them on board the aircraft.

  2. Can I bring my own food when I fly?
    If you want to stay refueled, you’ll find many tasty options to-go at the airport. Be mindful of liquid foodstuffs, such as spreads that may be over 100ml in size. Entry restrictions for certain countries may land you with a hefty fine if you don’t undeclare any food on arrival. 

  3. Are e-cigarettes and vapes allowed in carry-on? 
    Yes, e-cigarettes and vapes and battery spares can go in your hand baggage, although you cannot use them on board the aircraft.

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